sweaters for every style

SWEATERS for every style

i will say this again and again but... i LOVE sweaters. if you do not share the same love i do, i will eventually conform you... maybe even today. i know that the sweaters i buy and wear are not every girls' style, so i have created a guide on Polyvore for you as to what sweater you would like/wear!

1. for the edgy rocker: studs are key
2. for the quirky nerd: anything with a fun print ( i LOVE owls)
3. for the Christmas-loving girl: reindeer anyone?
4. for the vintage babe: floral is a must
5. for the preppy queen: the jcrew polka dot is preppy city
6. for the wild child: leopard, zebra, snake skin... anything will do
7. for the laid back lounger: an over sized knit and stripes are oh so comfy
8. for the fancy friend: think you can't wear a sweater, think again! sequins are perfection.

hope this helps, and please leave a comment as to what sweater or style you would wear!

xo. cate

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