1 year on Creating a Lovely Life!

guess what? i missed my one year bloggerversery (is that a word? of course!), which was February 15. sad, i know. i truly cannot believe that it has been 365 days since my very first post. here are a few things i have learned along the way.

1.) i am not a professional. this blog is for fun, and that is why i originally created it. many times this past year i kept comparing my blog to other famous blogs, and got discouraged. however i have learned that i blog to inspire others, to capture moments i love, and to share my style and fashion!
2.) editing makes a photo. probably the first 10 or so posts i uploaded unedited photos. when i look back to posts like this i seriously want to cringe. now, i mainly use editing apps or sites to enhance my not-so-great-nor-fancy-camera-photos.
3.) it's all about growth. several times i have wanted to delete certain posts. then i convince myself not to because it shows growth and how far i have come since the start. and i like that. i like seeing how my photos have gotten more creative, how my vocab has gotten stronger... i mean more stalwart, and the memories just get sweeter.

my favorite posts since day one...

Guest post: Anye Sarre (most exciting blog moment ever *squeals out of excitement*)
2013. (bold)
i am beyond glad that i decided to click the "create" button for this blog. it is such has been such an incredible experience i hope to continue for a long time. i hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and reading Creating a Lovely Life!
xo. cate

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