switching gears.

whoa. long time, no blog. really. today officially marks one month since i have sat down to write a post. however, let me tell you, this last month of school has kicked my butt. many, many hours a day were spent studying & eating ice cream. do what you got to, friends. 

however, school is finally over and my first week of summer is coming to a close. being able to relax without feeling guilty is crazy awesome. plus, i have started my new job (yay!) on top of everything. 

this past week, my friends (claire//alex//elliot) and i explored downtown a bit. grab some coffee (or tea, in my case) and enjoy. 

[ top: aerie // jeans: loft // sandals: gap // bag: solesociety.com ]

[ claire & me ]

[ claire. // you cannot tell, but behind her is this awesome piece of art of the world made of wood planks. i am thinking of a way to recreate this on a miniature scale soon.... ]

[ alex & claire. // we tried these way-too-expensive drinks, too. i had the lavender lemonade one, and it was well worth it. ]

[ elliot & i. // ah, the famous coca-cola mural in my city. am i cool yet? ]

thought i would share these pictures considering they are the first ones i have taken in a while. thankfully, times such as these will be more frequent this summer. so will writing, reading, netflix-watching, cookie-eating, traveling, and sleeping. here's to you, summer! i am excited for you. 

drink (diet) coke kids, 


  1. Yaaay! Its awesome to you have back Cate :)

  2. Your outfit and Claire's outfit are so cute!!!!!!!



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