America & all that jazz.

Today was the 4th of July, which for Americans is a pretty special holiday. Shout out to independence, freedom and food, you guys. I mean, what is better than wearing red, white and blue AND having an excuse to have a bowl or five of ice cream? Maybe the fact that red highlights my pink skin undertone and the possibility of obesity in the future. But besides that, i am all for this holiday.

In my neighborhood we have an annual little parade on the morning of the 4th. Apparently, since forever, this shendid has begun at my house no matter who lives here. So ever since I moved 2 years ago, it has been super fun to have everyone and their mom (and their yappy puppy) flood our yard. 

Later in the afternoon, my best pals did the ever-so-cliche thing of swimming. Then we dressed up for no reason whatsoever and took photos (and cut watermelon into stars. it was the most adorable fruit you ever did see). Why? Because we are girls and we can do that. 

All in all, this independence day was wonderful and spent with my favorite people. Enjoy way too many photos from the day...

// candid? 

// parker and i

// sarah and i 

// eleanor (the puppy) and i 

// claire and i 
// gosh dangit, my puppy is too cute.  
// still cute? yep, i know. 

// group shot from the evening. (from left to right: me, claire, parker, kayla, lexa, and alyse)

// Alyse and i being super patriotic 

// our super adorable fruit kabobs
// lexa and i 

// alyse, lexa, and me 

What a delightful day. What a delightful week. It really has been the absolute best ever. To catch up, I got back from my trip abroad to France and Spain last week. Once i get more than a minute of free time on my hands, i will be sharing a million and one photos from my trip. Here's a little forshadowing: It rocked. And i am super happy/satisfied with my photos. It's a win win situation.

Have a wonderful day, friends! I heart you all. 


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  1. Great pics! The fruit kabobs look so nice!!!!!!!!!


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