portraits. (AB + Parker)




I have had my eye on this pretty high hedge that is on my drive home for quite some time now. However, when I see a neat place that would be perfect for photos, I have to debate whether or not it is worth the constant stares from outsiders walking down the street. But, the leaves were too green and my camera was begging me to use it. So, finally, on a cool evening this week, this beautiful greenery and these even more beautiful friends (Parker and Anna Bliss/AB) collided into something great. Not to brag, but I am very proud & excited as to how these snapshots turned out. Okay, yes I am bragging. Ugh, Cate, why. Forgive me, guys.  
Nonetheless, photographing these wonderful humans is too fun. Thankful for friendship like this.
Enjoy your week, all!

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