living life.

(please note: these photos have absolutely nothing to do with the content of the writing. ha, gotcha.)

vest: ae // top: f21 // jeans: ae // shoes: gap // necklace: brandy melville // sunglasses: h&m 

honestly, this post is so unneeded. because this outfit is really just a combination of this outfit and this outfit. so go read those 2 posts and admire how boring (and convertible?) my closet is. 

anyways, this post is really just here to say hello, i am still alive, & this summer has been the best yet. really though, this summer so far has been crazy busy but i would not trade it for anything. the experiences i have been apart of just in the months of june and early july alone been incredible and truly cannot be explained through a silly little blog. maybe someday i will try. but as for now, i am trying my hardest to stay away from the computer and simply enjoy life. because, well, as cool as people make their life out to be via social media and the internet, actually having a cool life you enjoy is far better. 

enjoy life, friends!

xo. cate 

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