Don't take yourself so seriously.

[taken while watching a 5am sunrise with the bro]

This week, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been trending on almost every social media. Throughout the week, people have been dumping cold ice water on themselves, their friends, their dog, their mom, and just about anything you could possibly think of. Then, the fad is to "nominate" a few buds to do the same and share their reaction. Despite the wonderful outcome and fame to this challenge (not to mention how much mula has been raised to find a cure for ALS), there is always a negative nellie out there. You know, those haters who call the challenge dumb or annoying or are too embarrassed to participate. Though i, personally, cannot think of anything i would rather watch more than screaming ladies and gents drenched in ice water (it is sad how many laughs and tears have come from these videos), the challenge is more than a post. Through each and every video posted, more awareness is raised. With awareness, comes people of all backgrounds and social classes to donate* to a cure that is much needed in our society. Why can't the neg nell's of the world get their crap together, get off twitter, and just read a book if they are so bothered? Guys, stop hatin', start appreciatin'. 

Off from that little tangent, posting a video of yourself online screaming soaking wet is not something everyone wants to do. Of course, you will always have your extra bold friend who would post a video of themselves meowing online if asked, but the point of the challenge is to simply laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously so the world can change. It may seem silly and stupid, but please think about the effect social media has on our culture. *pondering man pose* It's insane people. Something as small as your phone is making the majority of the influence on today's society. Thankfully, with something so genius & contagious as social media & the inter-webs, we have the choice to use it for good or to corrupt it. Hey, it's okay to be a little obsessed with Instagram if we are using it to please the Lord and share some laughs. (Or at least i think so.)

 If i was so-called "nominated" a year ago to do this task, it would be solid "hecks no". Why? Because i would have been too worried as to what people would think. OH BOY, let me tell you, the thought of worrying about what others think of me makes me want to laugh now. It is just not worth it. Only living to please others is a waste of time and it deprives us from the amount of joy we can obtain. And, oh the joys there are in life! 

[disclaimer: I am by no means a perfect person, but simply growing and striving to become better and more Christ-centered lady each day. And thank goodness for that, because perfection is so last year. ]

 However, with change and with confidence, comes the ability to be vulnerable to others. Be the witty guy, be joyful when everyone else isn't, laugh too much, sing too loud, extend your self-car-dances to outside the vehicle, eat too much cake, be honest, make fun of yourself when you fall down the stairs, wear a tye dye cat shirt to a fancy restaurant, go all 2nd grade on yourself & play 'you you rather' instead of poking on your phone during a road trip, share your story with a stranger, watch the worst documentary you see on Netflix, and so on. Before i start to sound like a Pinterest quote gone wrong, we must remember self-control is always a must-- but you can still have fun and be true to yourself while keepin' classy and stayin' sassy. 

(Oh dear, i am starting to rhyme. You know that means Cate is tired and this post is about to turn into a Dr. Seuss poem.)

All 'n all, we are not called to be so worried with our image to where we cannot even be our most authentic self. We were created beautifully and with purpose, you guys! That purpose being to choose kindness over coolness. Coolness places the spotlight on you, while kindness places the spotlight on others. Plus, wouldn't you rather be remembered as the guy/girl who included the weird kid (who am i kidding, we are all weird) in your Friday night plans rather than the person who others were fearful of your "scary" (*eye roll*) 17-year-old-self wrath? Yep, me too.

So, don't take yourself so seriously, friends. It's just not worth it.

Yours truly,

*** You can donate online at alsa.org AND watch my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on instagram (@cate.marg) along with the millions of others who participated in the challenge under #ALSIceBucketChallenge.

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  1. i feel like such a creep for commenting (apologies) but sometimes your posts are my crazy thoughts put into much more coherent words, this being one of them

    keep writing as you are very talented at it :)


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