In my bag.

I know many of you have woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat before wondering the question "What is in Cate's bag?". I know, i know. So have I. Thankfully, today your worries will be put to rest. Enjoy, friends. 

1. The bag //  Sole Society // I purchased my bag in the spring and have been obsessed with it ever since. I normally carry it by it's cross body strap, but sometimes i carry it by the shoulder strap (aka for your elbow bend) if i am feelin' sassy. 

2. Wallet // Anthropologie (from way back when) // i love you forever, anthro. as if you did not know already. 

3. Sunnies// Cat eye's from Target and wayfarers from Alter'd state. Both under $15; I do not believe in expensive sunglasses. Maybe because i cannot afford them, but my point still stands.

4. Sketch pad // I almost-always have my mini sketch pad with me to jot down any life altering questions or ideas i may have. Also, it's a great alternative to staring at your phone when you are waiting on your dinner guests.

5. Favorite pens // The pilot precise v5 rt // who would have thought a pen could have such a verbose name?

6. Earbuds // Because, sometimes one does not want to talk to people, and this person needs some quiet time with Young the Giant and The Lumineers. 

7. Photos // Lately i have been carrying around a stack of photos from my trip to Europe this past summer. Because who knows when someone will ask about it, and photos are the best story tellers.

8. Glasses // Kate Spade // I'll be honest, i don't really need glasses. I am only slightly near sighted, so they help with driving or at school, but besides that i rarely wear them. (unless they go with my outfit, ya feel?) 

9. Iphone // My case is from Jcrew and says "l'amour est dans l'air" (french for "love is in the air").

10. Ritz crackers // I get the case of hangry (hungry = angry) alot... 

11. Watch + hairties // Fossil // fun fact: I am the kind of person who cannot keep her watch on for a long period of time. I am constantly taking it on and off. And i use those crease-less pony tail holders-- way too expensive, but crease-less hair is priceless. 

12. Various lip products // burts bees chapstick, rosebud lip salve (salve-- i so dislike that word), and clinique's black honey almost-lipstick.  

Feel better now that you know the innermost part of my life? I'm so glad. 
Have a lovely weekend! 

Yours truly,

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