over all of it.

Hi hi! Okay, let me tell you the story behind this get-up before you start questioning my sanity. All summer I have envied bloggers, fashion-icons, and instagrammers who have pulled off the overall look. I wanted to be one of the people, truly. While on a trip, I popped into Sacs and came across these delightful things. I was too excited to even have a heart attack over the price tag (no worries, it was on sale. but the kind of anthropologie-sale that means it wasn't really on sale. you get me?). Once I tried them on and realized they fit perfectly, I was almost sold. Of course, I had to get the opinions of my fellow shoppers as well as the woman who checked me out. From everyone it was a yes. Including myself. 

Anyways, I know some people (*coughmomcough*) think I'm just trying to bring the 90s back, while others (*coughbrotherscough*) think i am trying to look like i just got off the farm. But honestly, I think they are adorable and different, and i am just over all the outward opinions (har-har). But real talk-- I think they rock, and that's all the matters. Confidence is key.

Two of my pals (Parks & Claire) went downtown this past weekend with the sole intent to take photos. Claire had a photography project to work on, while i just wanted to have an excuse to wear this outfit (might as well be honest with you guys). Enjoy some more photos from our outing...

[ photo of a photo. ]



[ rock on. ]

[album cover? joking, joking.]


[claire and i]
[ selfie time feat. the three of us ]

[peace out sista/brah ]

that's all for today! i'll be back and cooler than ever soon. wait... nevermind about the second half of that sentence.

have a wonderful week, friends!

yours truly,


  1. Well, I just got one question now: Why didn't I know your blog till now? Honestly, I love your writing, your photos and you seem to be a really cool person with lots of humour. AND I love your overall. :) Following you right away.


  2. Cate, you look slightly too flawless in those overalls! What even? I dont think I've seen anyone rock them as A+ as you do! And those heels? I'm dooooone!

  3. wonderful photos, love your dungarees!
    happy day!

    <3, Kathrin

  4. nice photos
    would you like to follow each other?
    i'll follow back too


  5. Amazing post !Want to follow each other?


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