art gallery weekends.

my dear friend, alex, and i went to a local art gallery last weekend. we had fun, so here are a few snaps from our trip.

[ gah, those colors are too good. ]

[ one of our favorite pieces. ]
[ what i love more than art itself, is the atmosphere of art galleries. simple, clean, yet home-like feeling with the walls covered.]
[ what can i say? i am just really drawn to art. *cheesey art joke; please laugh*]

[ art, guys, it's emotional. actually, i was just embarrassed because alex asked me who was in that painting and i said "bob dylan". i'm real cultured, y'all.]

[ hey, here's alex in a bush. ]

weekends spent staring at art with good company are the best weekends. 
am i right or am i right?

yours truly,

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