a year older.

a few weeks ago (well, october 2nd to be specific), i turned 17. i know what you are thinking, 17? are you sure? maybe she did a typo and meant to put a 2 instead of a 7. surprise, surprise, all-- i am only 3 years away from my next decade! woo to the hoo, am i right?

anyways, i am embarrassed to admit where i found this quote (coughtumblrcough), but it really does express my feelings on this age--

"seventeen seems like the perfect age. not naive like sixteen. not feeling the pressures of daunting adulthood like eighteen. just plain and simple, seventeen."

often times i tell people i just want to be 25. while, that still that could not be any more true, i am learning that this age only comes once. you are only a teenager once, no matter how painfully awkward or un-fun it can be at times. i am trying to get through these years with grace and poise, as well as choosing to not take myself so seriously (hey remember this post?). because, we have the rest of our lives to do that. why adulthood sounds so fun to me, i do not know. i will probably regret believing that all these years. sorry, 25 year old Cate, i was wrong. if i am being honest here (and i always am), this act of so called "enjoying being a teen" is hard for me. i believe that i am not your typical teenager. i do not do the same things, act the same way, or have the same goals as most of my peers or friends. i am learning that this is okay. more than okay, actually. being confident in your individuality is something to be thankful for! anyways, i am 17 (wishing i was 25) but could not be more content with where i am and where i am going. 

off from that tangent, on my seventeen birthday, my friend (anna bliss ) and i bought some flowers, ate some popsicles, and took a few too many photos. one of my favorite gifts i received was a starter calligraphy set from Antiquaria Designs

cheers to sunflowers, learning new things, and a year older!

yours truly,

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