oh, tuesdays.

long time, no see (talk? blog? virtually communicate?), party people. 

lately, along with being absolutely crazy busy, i have been avoiding posting on my blog because i never had the "right words" to say. then i got to thinking, what are the right words? what are the wrong words? after i did a sigh of relief and a shaking of the head whispering "silly cate, you are too hard on yourself", i decided that there really are no wrong words. except for words like moist and dank and slaw (that one is for you, mom) but that is beside the point. all this to say, today i wanted to post some photos that i took while on a trip downtown with school. those words are simple & authentic so they will work for now. enjoy, friends.

fun fact: tuesday is my least favorite day of the week. it's like another monday but a day later and not an accepted day to complain about. oh, tuesdays

yours truly,

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  1. Wah! Super adore your blogs! Can't wait to see more your post. btw, your photo look amazing! kept it up girl! :) well... you just gonna kept it up with right and wrong word to learn.. hehe


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