discoveries & inspirations: winter

hello, dear pals!
today i want to share with you a few things that have inspired me as of late. it's only fair to let you fall in love with them too. mostly so i can have someone to share in my obsessions with & happy-cry over the same weird things. that's what friends are for, right? right. 

fall in love with this home even more by looking at more photos here

1. tiny houses

first, i watched the documentary on it called tiny. then i proceeded to browse through the tiny house blog. then i googled tiny houses. then searched on pinterest for tiny houses. then swooned hard-core over hundreds and hundreds of tiny houses. i know what you are thinking: say tiny house again, cate, i dare you. nonetheless, what is most interesting to me about these small homes (look, synonyms!) is the intricate designs and efficiency of the amount of space provided. at first, it seems impossible to live in such a compact area, however, when you realize the excess amount of just stuff we obtain (especially americans) it almost seems easier in the long run to have less, live simply, and overall do more with limited resources. 

(also, the tiny house documentary is on netflix. you can thank me later when we are all building my new tiny house. bring your hammers, friends.) 

2. the jealous curator. 

for any art lover, this blog is a dream come true. danielle krysa, aka the jealous curator, has quite possibly my dream job. from researching and discovering new artists, to curating shows in places like washington d.c. and beyond, AND getting to share it with the world (ahem, not to mention being pretty darn famous for it), this lady may just be the coolest of them all. so, danielle, can we be best friends? i promise to give you full credit when people comment at the insane amount of art that will someday adorn my walls. as for now, taped pretty cards and magazine pages will have to do. ah, to dream. 

(scroll endlessly on her website by clicking here. my personal favorites currently are these beautiful pieces by mister blick and this breath-taking typography installation by ben skinner.)

3. the essence of now

we all know i am a frequent *coughalldayeverydaycough* pinner, but if i am being honest i am always a bit reluctant to post a quote. because, a) most quotes are cliche & overdone. sorry, dr. suess, i am breaking up with you, and b) i always think to myself "it this truth? or just the world's acceptance of what they want to be true?". still, emma watson has a special place in my heart. her confidence, her boldness, and her love for the now is just plain heartening. quotations such as these remind me that we are not promised a tomorrow and to not just be a dreamer but a doer

this photo is via aimee song on her blog song of style. 

4. the "no photoshop" movement 

when you read an article like this one, it is clear that our society demands an altercation. darling magazine's movement to not alter any women's  faces and bodies is proof that that change is coming. other companies such as aerie are also choosing to not retouch models. we should make women feel beautiful in their own skin without unrealistic standards paraded in front of our eyes to truly see the lack of importance on the outside when you have a genuine inside. innovation such as this in our "you have to look/be/act a certain way" society is nothing but exciting. 

oh, have a mentioned i am infatuated with darling magazine yet? (yes, cate, you have actually: here and here) i just cannot help it-- their desire to to not conform to the demands of media  is so daring & lovely. reading their content only leaves me feeling encouraged & inspired to make a change. shameless promo number three is in the books, you guys. 

what has inspired you lately? please share in the comments below!

yours truly,

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