to the tried & true

[ left to right: j.crew // american eagle // local shop. ]
you know in elementary school when the teacher would have you go around the room and say your name and favorite color? i would be the girl who said my favorite color was gray. wait, actually i wasn't. but i really wish i was. that would have made me a super cool kindergardener if i say so myself. imaginary scenario aside, if i were asked that question today my answer would most definitely be gray. let's just take a moment to think about all the pros and cons to this color.

1. it goes with black AND brown. (the ole fashion dilemma)
2. it looks good on all skin types.
3. there are so many different shades of gray to choose from (fifty, they say?).

there are no cons. my bad. 

anyways, these three tops are my current favorites of the moment-- here's to gray & cream, my tried & true. 

[ dainty jewelry for the win. ]
this is one of those shirts that i have worn so many times over the past year it almost needs to be taken away from me. but, when can you go wrong with black and white stripes? (rhetorical question. because you can never go wrong with black and white stripes. ha, gotcha. )

[ bandeau: aerie. // kimono: pacsun. ]
 this top is one of my recent favorites for it's peplum-esque style, pretty detailing, and high neckline. you can give it edge by adding black skinnies & killer booties or keep it girly with a floral kimono & colorful bandeau (shown). this top gets an A+ in versatility, fo sho.

[ necklace: j.crew. ]
this sweatshirt is the perfect balance between not wanting to look like you tried too hard but also not wanting to look like you did not try at all. girls, you feel? 

[ details. ]
gah, these cream ruffles are to. die. for.  

neutrals, baby.

may your week be full of color & life with a hint of gray (in your wardrobe, of course).

yours truly,

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