base6 introduction

base6... say it aloud...again... yes you got it, basics. basics are a wonderful thing in fashion. they start the outfit and make it what it is. they are easy to style and easy to find. they are an essential in every women's closet. you can just add a current trend with them and be on your lovely way! i am starting a series called, 'base6' this summer. in 6 posts i will show you how to style each piece (of the 6 pieces) in your unique way.

the 6 basic pieces are..
  1. white tee
  2. jean shorts
  3. gold earrings
  4. the summer sundress
  5. striped top
  6. white jeans
i hopefully will be starting soon, and will be posting quite frequently since it is finally summer! i am beyond ready for this summer and all that awaits me! what does summer have in store you for?

xo. cate

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