hello! this week has been crazy... and honestly i haven't been inspired to do a post whatsoever. but, i am. but, it is random... very random.
 i found yet another "how to have a good day" picture on pinterest today, and although i know i posted one earlier, i love this one... you might know why(:

oh, and my latest addiction is tea. hot tea. i have never liked it before this week when i tried it and fell in love! i have already had 3 cups today... is that bad?

yes, another instagram picture. i have got in the habit of just taking pictures with my iphone, so i am trying to break that!
i also finished my last art project of the year! i made and painted a mask! i love chevron, so i decided to incorporate it into my masterpiece! this is not the final product, because it has to be fired.

the colors will be much brighter, so i hope it turns out well!

hope you have enjoyed your week, even if it has been random and crazy like mine!

xo. cate

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