2012 was a big year for me. a year full of change and life lessons. i have a feeling that 2013 is going to be not as crazy, but who knows, right?! i have big goals for this year, a few of which i will share with you today:
fashion goal: spend on clothing basics-- and of course the first item i bought this year was this sweatshirt. everyone needs a graphic sweatshirt, right? or is that just me trying to justify that i did not already break this resolution?
health goal: choose water over sodas--i have come to realize that water is just better all around. how it took me 15 years to figure that one out, i do not know.
blog goal: new design on blog-- hopefully this will happen. right now, my blog is in a transitioning stage... cannot decide what is next. help me out and leave a comment for tips!
other goals: call someone once a week-- i have realized that most of the time the only way i talk to people when i do not see them face-to-face is either through texting or social media. this needs to change.
other goals: find something to look forward to every week-- i need something that will get me through the week, whether that is a Starbucks frap or knowing that i will put aside an hour or two to watch Gilmore Girls at the end of the week.
also, my word of the year is BOLD. i want to try new things that i never thought i could do and smile a little bigger and laugh a little harder. (:
i know that in one year one cannot change every aspect of their being, and that is not what so called "new years resolutions" are about. they are about reflecting on the past year and seeing what you can do to make a difference in your life or in the world this year. make sure to be specific and realistic as to what you want to achieve yet know that the sky is the limit, so do not let anyone hinder your goals.
xo. cate
outfit details: -Neiman Marcus sweatshirt- target/ boho long necklace- american eagle/ purple cords- american eagle / shoes- urbanog.com

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