expectations vs. reality

in my favorite movie of all time, 500 Days of Summer, there is a scene that shows two sides of a story: his expectations and the reality. being me, the first 5 times I watched the movie i always just looked at the expectations. why? because it is simply prettier, easier, and has a better ending.

in life, I feel like that is what we do a lot of the time. we focus on our expectations of what we want to happen, and truly believe that that is what will be reality. sadly, no. our expectations of having a pleasant family reunion is not reality, our expectations of how good that cup of coffee will be is not reality, and our expectation of what each day will bring is not reality.

for example...

i love green tea. i love frappuccinos. i love Starbucks. so, i thought that all three in one cup sounded amazing. boy was i wrong. it was discussing! my expectations of enjoying a new drink were destroyed by the reality of the first sip. if you ever think that this sounds somewhat good... it is NOT. 

while this message seems somewhat of a "oh thanks for telling me reality stinks" story, it is not. i firmly believe in having dreams and goals in your life, and to expect good things to come of them, but sometimes that is not always the case. we should look forward to a good future, yet not let it control us, but also realize reality, but not let it become us.

xo. cate

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