in my room: the bookshelf wall

after my family's recent move, i have been slowly but surely working piece by piece on the small details of my room. so far, the area that has had the most improvement is my bookshelf wall. i mostly used items i already had to create the look i wanted, and added a few fun items along the way to make it perfect. enjoy!

1/ full view. i painted an old bookshelf my grandfather built light gray (same as my walls, to blend in) and filled it with my books, and topped it off with everyday needs and fun decorations. as for the wall behind it, i bought a map and hung a string of photos beneath it to add some personality.

2/ bottom two shelves. i filled these shelves with my book collection... after eliminating a ton of old magic tree house books they all finally fit!

3/ top shelf. this is where i keep my collection of bouncy balls, my current reads, and a tray full of daily necessities (not pictured).


4/ top display. last summer, i did a little diy by adding pretty scrap book paper in a picture frame to create a dry erase board. i also have a jar full of pens and sharpies (and sand) that hold up a couple of my favorite key chains. 

5/ owl knick knacks. i do not know if you know this about me, but i love owls! a friend have me these cute little guys as a house warming gift a while back. i am in love.

6/ jewelry. i found this perfect ring holder from anthropologie
 around the holidays and it is great for my gold jewelry.

7/ paper clips. my step sister gave me these lovely paper clips also from anthropologie for Christmas... she knows me too well (:

8/ photo collage.  i hung a few of my favorite photos on a piece of lace (from you guessed it... anthro) with my flower paper clips. 

9/ on my map. blue- places i want to go, pink- places i have been. this map helps me keep dreaming of travel and keep track of the experiences and memories i have had so far! 

hope you enjoyed taking a little peak into my new room. i feel like it is progressing slowly, but decorating a little at time is helping bring it all together.

xo. cate

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  1. Your room is too cute. My family and I moved in April as well and I have had so much fun decorating my room anew. I love all the little details you showed, those owls are adorable!


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