hair envy

i know, i know, envying is bad. but man, when you see hair like these gals, one can not help to be jealous. here are my top 5 heads of hair that i secretly want. well, not so secret now i guess.


1. dark, short, messy hair. this is so beautiful to me. i wish that if i were to cut my hair this short, it would look like this but in reality it would look like a stole a lion's mane.

2. long, curly, blond hair. first off, let's talk about amanda seyfried. she is the epitome of perfection in my book. and she has great hair too, so of course that is always a plus. also, if i were to have someone play me in a movie, i would choose her. so if you are reading this, amanda (you aren't), then i just want to let you know that you are perfect. anddd play me in a movie. (:

3. long, strawberry-blonde, ombre hair. no one else does justice to the ombre hair, like lauren conrad. last summer i sorta-kinda had ombre hair, but it did not turn out too well. i guess that's what i get when you diy. also, her hair is the closest i would come to being a ginger. red-hair is just not me for me.

4. clean, classic hair. of course Kate had to be on my hair envy list. actually her hair is probably most like mine currently. even though she has very simple hair (nothing crazy for a duchess!), she wears it in such a way that is timeless.

5. long, colored hair. okay so a) in my dreams, i want my hair to be this long so i can braid it, and b) i wish i had the guts to put blue streaks in it. the end.
although we all have our "hair envy" lists (even if you do not post them on the Internet, like me, i know you have them. i just know), we should be not let our jealously make us feel like we are ugly or not beautiful enough. you are beautiful just the way you are (sorry for going all Bruno Mars on you, but it is true). plus, the great thing about hair, is that is grows! thank God for that. so try something new, dye your hair, cut your hair, because its just hair!! really though, have fun with your hair... but not too much fun. do not go lady gaga on me. please, spare us all.
xo. cate


  1. I just want to say YOU hair is gorgeous! I am also ALWAYS jealous of peoples hair :P

    1. Well, thanks! :) Thanks for being a follower of CLL!


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