the impulsive shirt

some days are just a big hair (bun, my hair of choice for most days) and a vest day. i slightly feel like Ellen DeGeneres by wearing a vest and jeans, and i am completely okay with that (because we are actually besties in real life, no joke). also, i have been obsessed with this tee from target lately. i first saw it worn on kendi on her blog, kendi everyday, and had to go get it. truly, i am not normally one to impulsively purchase clothes, but this shirt was different. and i think that if a shirt can do that to someone, then it is worth it. or you have a serious problem, but let's go with the one that is more socially acceptable, for my sake.
xo. cate
outfit details:
top- target
necklace- francesscas
vest- jjill
jeans- american eagle
shoes- dsw


  1. Love your shirt. I'm also best friends with Ellen in real life. We'll just have to share. ;)

  2. Thanks! i guess that will have to do... (;.


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