in my room: bed

remember when i said i was going to do a series of posts of my bedroom (see first one here )? well, three and a half months later, i have a second post! hooray! why i have not showed you all more of my room is because, a) it has not been clean since 3 months ago, b) i have not yet finished decorating my space to my desire and c) i... kinda... sorta forgot about this series. okay, call me a bad blogger now. i guess i will stop making excuses, and get into the second part of my room, which is my bed!

{full view}
{ frontal view}

{pillows from the top}

{mix and matched pillows}

{bed texture}
{sunburst of a mirror}

{heyyyy girllll heyyyy}
my bed is one of my favorite aspects about my room, because of the fact that it is associated with sleep, my second love in life. for my bed, i wanted to keep it clean, fun, and cozy. clean, by having a very neutral basis- gray and white, fun, by adding a few colorful pillows (hopefully will be adding a few more in the near future!), and cozy, by basically making sure everything is soft and sleep worthy. i have been purchasing a couple of decor items sporadically since i have moved. for instance, my mirror (i watched the price on this thing for months!) and a small pillow (not pictured). creating your bed is so much fun, and it is a practical space that you will use!
with a few clean ups here and there and more home decor, i will hopefully have 3 or 4 spots in my room to show you. as for now, i will crawl in my bed and watch gossip girl for endless hours. yes, i have i life.
xo. cate
gray quilt & shams: garnet hill
white duvet & shams: pottery barn teen
blue round pillow: francesscas
mirror: hobby lobby

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  1. Just followed the link from your desk post to this one! Your bed space is so pretty, I really like those pillows. I like how it's sorta eclectic... I don't like matching bed spreads/pillows, so this is cool.


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