pretending to be productive.

these photos were taken from last sunday, yet I am posting them sunday. so today, I can pretend that I was productive and got up and got dressed, without actually doing so. wow, I love life.
also, this week has been pretty great. many delightful things have been happening to my family and myself, so I have been in a fab mood. yet, i have been trying to continue that mood to even the hardest, most stressful or boring weeks as well. staying joyful despite circumstances, is the plan, you guys. difficult, but worth it.

top-ae/ skirt-loft/tights-target/shoes-thrifted

oh, and shout out to fall. you're my favorite.

xo. cate


  1. love, love this outfit! Especially those shoes. Yes.
    Good for you! I've been trying to stay positive during tough times as well. And it's such a great feeling to look back and see what good it did to smile despite it all. Keep it up!

    P.S. We have the same bible. No biggie. ;)

    1. ah, thank you for the compliments and encouragement! hahah... yay! love it.


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