today is for crafts.

crafts are a weird concept if you think about. in today's world, the first thought that pops into one's mind on the subject of crafts, is kids, holidays, or forced activities. however, crafts, a century ago, were a hobby for all, a way of making money, and an everyday event for everyday needs. from little girls making dolls (to sell for a nickel), to sewing a scarf to keep warm (and making every other piece of clothing worn), to even decorating masks for a play (to portray the gender of the character)-- let's just say that the idea of "diy" is not just a concept made up by the makers of Pinterest a few years back. though, let's face it, America would love to say they created something as great as crafts.
anyhow, crafts are fun. and today was for crafts.


I made a collage wall of my recent favorite black and white photographs & a strand of tissue paper garland in gold, plum, and raspberry for above one of my windows. wow, how refined were those colors? if that doesn't say proper and "pinkys up" to you, I do not know what does.
hoorah for crafts and breaks from the ordinary.
xo. cate

(p.s. notice my dead cactus in photo 2? I do not know how it is possible to kill a cactus, but I did it, friends! pure talent right there. )

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