a cliche post.

my least favorite thing is when people all of a sudden decide to be thankful just in the month of November, or let alone on the day of thanksgiving. however, I am grateful that we are reminded of it during this season-- though, for most people, the idea of being thankful is only a trend.
though, in all of my efforts, I am, in fact, that girl who is writing a post on thankfulness... 2 days before thanksgiving. but hey, no need to complain about having moments and people to be grateful for in my life.

I am grateful for this little girl (and her brother who is not pictured) whom I babysit, for they teach me how to let loose and be a kid again. 

I am grateful for my cozy room where I can relax and enjoy being alone.

I am grateful for mornings by myself that are filled with 2 too many bowls of cereal and learning about how to be a woman of Christ.

I am grateful for a kind little brother who lets me take cool shots of him like this. he is the best.
I am grateful for the realization in my heart that I do not need to be normal and follow the crowd, and the boldness to stand up for what I believe.

I am grateful for late night IHOP with sweet friends who make me laugh and who enjoy the smiley face pancakes on the kid's menu as much as I do.
I am grateful for (live)  music with (the coolest) people, for it makes me appreciate moments, not things.
I am grateful for a best friend who understands me in almost everyway and is always up to go to target with me.
I am grateful for new friends like this one, for it teaches me to open up to new people and let them enhance my life.

I am grateful for my art class where I can enter into another world full of paint and creativity without limits. (and for people who compliment my projects... I was told that this book I am working on is "badass". hey, i'll take it.)

and I am grateful for days I do not have to wear a uniform, and can express myself a small bit through my clothing.


I am grateful for life. and for cliché posts like this, that remind me what a life I have. happy thanksgiving, friends!

xo. cate

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