notice something?

if you notice anything different around here, it may or may not be a new blog design. (it is). so now, you can.... 1) admire how adorable my blog is 2) pin my photos all the time on Pinterest and 3) PIN MY PHOTOS ALL THE TIME ON PINTEREST
okay, I may be a little too excited about this ability. and that I hit 1k followers on Pinterest, but it is the peak of my life, ladies and gents, PEAK of my life.
anyways, a big, big thank you to Rose and her amazing skills at designing. everyone should check her out, and give her blog a follow!
so, you guys like? I definitely do. (:
xo. cate


  1. It's a beautiful design. But of course this is my first time visiting so I can't compare it to what it looked like before. You are darling and I'm happy to have found your little nook of the internet. Cute cute cute!!! :)


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