as of late.

when lights fill streets and smiles fill faces, it is obvious that it is the best time of the year. (plot twist: this is not going to be a sappy, cliché post.)
.... like 6 days near. with that said, what I really should be doing is buying/making Christmas presents, yet instead I write this post, watch the Christmas episodes of Parks and Recreation, and study for finals. wait, did I say study for finals? I meant eat and avoid people and books at all costs.
so here is a few bits and pieces that have been occurring as of late. this season is so grand.

it snowed over here a couple of weeks ago. like really snowed. it was an out-of-school-for-two-days kind of snow. however, I would be lying if I told you guys that this photo was amidst frocking in the snow. it went more like this: parker- "let's go outside!" me- "we are taking a photo and that's all." oh, childhood, return to me.

decorating the tree is such a sincere memory to me. from house to house, it is a part of Christmas that never changes. I love looking at the old ornaments and remembering where we got them or who gave them to us. it is quite special. however, I made my all-time record at how many ornaments I accidentally broke this year. I didn't chose the clumsy life, people, it chose me.

two of  my good friends (not those pictured) had a surprise birthday party. but more importantly, there was a photo booth there. yes, you heard me a PHOTO BOOTH. these photographs make me smile ... and laugh... and think "why, Cate?".

I had a winter formal last weekend, and parker was kind enough to come see me before I went on my way. I love best friends.

{dress- by BCBG// shoes- Mojo Moxy// necklace- Anthropologie// earrings- old navy}

my date (Elliot) and I. we look pretty spiffy, eh?

we are too much to handle. (:

I am that annoying girl at the grocery store who takes photos of pineapples. no judgment, friends.

lunch with dear friends (Claire) are wonderful and help me get through finals week. and duplicating a photo means replicating the great time we had together right? four times the fun.


I am enjoying this season and the lovely people that make me smile and the reg. (eek, did my Kim Kardashian voice just make an appearance in this post? uh oh.)

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