on repeat.

[top: target // vest: ae // scarf: loft // leggings: ae // boots: some crappy site]

[my friend, anna bliss aka abd.]

over break, this outfit has been on repeat. want to know what else has been on repeat? going to the men's section at target (where i got this gray henley). despite the awkwardness and stares, i think for basic tees & tops, the men's section has a better selection. however, i do act like i am shopping for my non-existent boyfriend so that some of the looks will go away. "oh, yes, he would look just great in this", "his favorite color is blue, so i know he would love this", or sometimes "my guy is fine in anything he wears, so it doesn't matter"-- these are my go-to lines while browsing the flannels and henleys. i don't know if this is the cleverest thing i have thought of in a while... or the saddest. you pick.


  1. Oh my... you are brilliant! Haha that is too funny. And you look adorable, so I am sure the awkward stares are worth it.

  2. wonderful photos!
    wish you a great day!



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