new friend.

I received a camera (canon rebel T3) for Christmas this year, so Parker and I sipped some coffee this morning and tested my new friend out. I have a feeling this friend and I will come to best friend status soon. enjoy some of the photos we snapped of each other. also, I must note how awkward it is to take photos in public. for those of you who do not have your photo taken in public on the daily (aka this girl), imagine your whole town watching you take a yearbook photo. then imagine that yearbook photo taken at least 50 times with multiple poses. day in the life, people.

vest- ae // jeans- ae // shoes- urban// sweater- oldnavy

necklace from my dear friend, sophie.

this photo is for my mom. she enjoys long walks on the beach and posting zoomed in photos of me on facebook.

necklaces- Stella & Dot

bracelets- Stella & Dot

I cannot get over the quality of these photos. and how great my hair looks today. normally, I would not brag about such things but when you have used your Iphone for photos for years and your hair is a mess 99% of the time, I  do believe it is okay.
I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas shared with lovely people!

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  1. Love the pictures! You girls are beautiful. What a great gift. Hey, you can brag all ya want, it's your blog.;)


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