though school is not my favorite thing in the world, i absolutely love learning. the feeling you get when you finally get an algebra lesson, or have an "ah ha" moment (i get those a lot), or simply learn something new about a person... those are my favorite moments. i think that those small, random parts of a person speak so much louder than where they came from, what they are doing, & how they appear. those random facts about a person are so wonderful and special to me. it lets me know & understand a bit more into their lives & passions behind the ordinary.
(sidenote: props to you if you finish this post. i know it is long. you will have a special place in my heart.)
lately i have learned scads of things. aside from cramping every possible piece of information in my brain for finals, i have been taught so many things from people who do not have college degrees yet. and sometimes, those lessons are the ones that are most significant (but don't get me wrong, dividing polynomials is pretty important as well).  it truly amazes me that some humans are so wise. wisdom is a thing i strive for because it is vital to our lives, and it is a thing that money definitely cannot buy. and you know what, that is perfect, because i am broke. (;
one of the lessons that i have been taught lately is the "art of letting go". regretfully, i am a girl who grasps on to situations, people, & mistakes for way too long (stereotype, where ya at?!). however, i have learned that there are seasons for people in your life. not that one season is better than another, but that sometimes we must move on. life is all about moving on and continuing, yet still remembering the wonderful moments we had with people that have taught us so much.
another lesson i have been taught is joy. as stated so many times on this blog, i am a big fan of joy as opposed to happiness. however a friend recently told me that "happiness is the answer to the joy one is feeling". i really liked that. so i wrote it down, like i do with many other wise sayings. (you are pretty darn special if you make it in the book- and let's just say that "The Office" is pretty darn special) . anyways, i have always thought of joy and happiness being two separate things, one better than the other (joy). however, what i have realized is that that happiness is necessary. it is the outward reflection towards others of the joy you contain in your heart.
also, did any of you guys know that all babies are born with blue/gray eyes? i certainly did not. learn something new everyday, guys, learn something new everyday.
another aspect that has been added onto my knowledge is how much i have grown this past year. not height wise (i wish), but mentally and spiritually. something that i have been yearning for years is growth. however, until recently, the thing that i have not been showing is effort. the effort to get up everyday, do what needs to be done, & keep trying until i have reached my goals. i can now see the difference between last year's Cate & this year's Cate. i hope that this years is better, & i know that next year's Cate will be just wonderful. i love how i am typing this as i am in my pajamas in bed. but hey, it's a snow day, give me a break.
one of the last of many lessons i have learned lately is about this blog. rare i tell a friend about my blog due to fear of judgment and laughter, however i have realized that this blog is really important to me and captures my life. so why not share it? also, i have been holding back on writing posts such as these because i know that my outfits may be more interesting. however, in order to "create a lovely life", i do believe sharing what i have learned must happen. (:
my blog, in another's words, "is a collection of ideas, memories, thoughts, observations, feelings, perspectives, and conclusions." but come on, can we please use another word rather than "blogging"... i dislike coming off as a white girl writing her diary between tennis lessons.
what have you learned recently, friends?

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  1. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog! This post is beautiful. I just graduated from college and am meeting this next season of my life with mixed emotions. You reminded me beautifully that change is part of life: "I have learned that there are seasons for people in your life. not that one season is better than another, but that sometimes we must move on." Thank you, lovely girl! xo


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