[top: local shop// jacket: ae// jeans: ae// shoes: steve madden]

[watch: timex (borrowed from a friend-- sorry parks.)]
[necklaces- cat: gift // drop: local shop// arrow: etsy festival]

two things that i rarely ever wear: flats and an excessive amount of jewelry. therefore today i am a uncommon sighting. i am a weirdo about people being able to see my feet, so flats are always my last choice of shoe. though, i feel so delicate and whimsical prancing around in these. it reminds me of my 8 years of ballet and the pain that comes with your toes being squeezed in tiny shoes. and the reasoning behind me never wearing jewelry is quite simple: i am too lazy. however, today, i was able to sleep past 7 for the first time in a while. i feel refreshed and like i could conquer the world. hints the word like in the last sentence... if i really wanted to conquer the world i would have to take off all of these dainty trinkets. nobody has time for that. 


  1. You're so cute! Love the outfit. I tend to me too lazy to even change out of sweatpants. haha

  2. I love Steve Maddens!
    very cute post, thanks for sharing!


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