a saturday adventure.

saturday, i got to play camera lady for a bit and spend the day with my favorite group of people. with a full tank of gas, full stomachs, and 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to pay for parking, my friends and i had a day downtown adventuring. 

[ these three. ] 

[ alyse & i ] 
[ what a cutie. ]
[ alyse. i just have really pretty friends. ]
[ walking ]
[ my favorite bridge. ]
[ claire & i. real laughing or just posed? the world may never know. ]
[ our cities' stellar river market. ]
[ under a somewhat sketchy bridge, are these beautiful hand painted tiles by local schools. beauty despite flaws. ]

[ claire makes wind look good. ]
[ there is just something about concrete, names, and converse. ]
[ " hey, look over there." ]

[ "over where?" ]
[ doing life with people who do it right. thankful for these 3. and thankful for self timers. ]

  [ claire. ]
[ overlooking the heart of the city. ]
[ who says, who says you're not perfect. was the terrible selena gomez song needed? yes, yes it was. ]
[ more walking. did i mention we walked a lot? i get winded just writing about it. ]
[ parker. if you're a bird, i'm a bird? ]

days downtown with people who love life are the best. not to get to sappy on you, but one thing i have learned this past year is that you make time for those you care about. between the four of us, we go to two different schools, three different churches, live in three different neighborhoods, have four completely different circumstances and personalities, yet still we have managed to be friends. what friends i have. *smile* *tear* *smile*


  1. Sounds like you had a really fun time, plus these photos are so nice- I love how light-filled they are, it really adds to the nostalgic feel. You girls look lovely! xx

    1. thank you! yes, working on them photog skills.

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  2. Aw I love these pictures! Especially the group shot. Good friends are such a blessing.

    1. thanks, victoria! so thankful for self timers and friends. ;)

  3. wonderful photos, you look great!
    happy new week!



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