new perspectives.

today i watched the documentary, craigslist joe. before a few hours ago, i got this film confused the movie, craigslist killers, which is why it has taken me so long to watch this. small (important) details, friends. 

anywho, this film is about a man (joe) who lives off the people and ads of craigslist for a month. it is insane to see the generosity in people and how someone can be so brave to take chances. this guy meets the craziest of people through free rides, places to crash, dance classes, haircuts, jam sessions, and the list goes on. to sum up his month he uses the words, "it was the most inspiring experiences of my life". i think he was right about that (but i mean, come on, man. think of a less cliche answer than that.). he was just "some guy" from LA looking to do something outside his comfort zone. a lot of times when i think of adventure, i picture those amazing photos from blogs, pinterest, tumblr of a guy next to a landmark in another country. don't get me wrong, that is just as much of an adventure, however this movie taught me that adventure is not always pretty. it is spontaneous, daring, and not always guaranteed. what makes an adventure beautiful is the people who choose to look at life that way. to want to get to know people and their stories, learn a new talent, and push yourself into the world with just the clothes on your back-- that is a beautiful adventure

if you were to ask me to take this leap into the world, i would be hesitant. to not know what will happen in the next week, day or even hour seems insane to me. exciting, yes, but also quite scary. lately i have been taught in so many ways to live in the present. i am challenging myself to stop worrying about the future and be present in each moment. so, no, i do not know where i am going (hints the expression on my face in the photo), because life is an adventure and i am choosing to participate. 

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