the snow situation. (video included)

hey-o friends. over the past few days where i live, we have received a heap of snow. a HEAP. last night i went to dinner with my dear friend, claire (who is pictured), which was far from a good decision. as we were both trying to drive home, our cars wouldn't even make it out of the parking lot. with help from the 'rents we were able to make it to her house for the night. enjoy some of our snow day photos and a video that we made at 2 am. caution: there may be lots of giggles and maybe some singing by yours truly. 

minutes before we figured out that we were going to be stranded. innocence is bliss?
a little mirror shot of my layered up look. complete with a beanie to hide my chaotic hairs. 
a little feet photo featuring our cozy outfits. 
pizza pixxx. 
i pepperonly have eyes for you. (get it?!)

our little video-- you won't regret watching. 

to see more of my friend subscribe to her youtube channel. she is extremely talented and also hilarious. but not as hilarious as me, so don't get too excited. (;


  1. great post, looks like a lot of fun!
    happy sunday!


  2. So jealous of your snow and more importantly PIZZA <3 *pizza emoji* I worship at the alter of pizza ugh.
    Have a great week! xx


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