illusions & light.

dress: forever 21// cardigan: loft // vest: ae// tights: francesscas // shoes: thrifted // necklace: mom's closet // watch: fossil// sunglasses: target 
oh oozing sunlight, how i adore you. 

fixin' the hairs. 
the wind verus cate aka holding down my dress at all costs. 

as i have said and will say too many times: my hair is too long. 

kitty party. (the best kind,  am i right?)

first, let's us talk about how beautiful the exude of sunlight is in these photos. light and warmth are such  wonderful things. i could go on for days. also, photos are a funny thing, you guys. they can (and in this case, do) give so, so many illusions that *sad face* are far from reality. just to name a few...

  example a:  this "long sleeved" black dress is actually not a long sleeved dress at all. i wanted it to appear that way, so i threw on a black cardigan underneath my vest. and volia, i have myself a new, winter-appropriate dress. 
example b:  when wearing somewhat of a heel and a dress, you can look and feel all together and clean. however, this week, my cleanliness has been quite the story. since it has been oh so cold in my neck of the woods, our water main broke and my household is currently undergoing many days without running water. (it just gets better) so that means showers at the gym, washing face and brushing teeth with bottles of water, and well... no laundry to be done for now. but the good news is, is that i look clean. and that is all that matters right?! (sorry fellow classmates)
example c:   my cat just adores me. people, the last photo in this post was taken many times. after attempting to get her (zooey) to stay in my hands and/or pet her, this image was the best i could get. let's just pretend she loves me for the sake of my cat woman ego. 

may your Sunday be filled with lovely happenings, friends. have a restful day to end the week! 


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