2014. (new year resolutions)

au revoir, 2013! (and au revoir to my oh-so-pretty calendar)

a list of things I want to accomplish in 2014. (dare I say, new years resolutions. there I said it.)
- find something that is enjoyable & active. because i do not think going to the gym will ever be enjoyable to me. ever. so who wants to be my yoga buddy?
-start painting and writing more. i have realized lately how therapeutic painting and writing are for me. it calms me down and gives me a minute to think throughout my weeks of chaos. plus, art and journalism are two things I want to pursue in life, so why not make them apart of my everyday life outside of school? I see no reason not to.
-read. (aka my "try something new, cate!" resolution) reading is something that I have never truly done out of enjoyment. and that, my friends, is going to change this year.
-be an optimist! sadly, at times, i tend to always look on the not-so-good side of things. everything. this year, i am choosing to be positive and look at life differently.
                 -because of this goal, I'm going to write down a joyful memory each day. simple as that-
                   i am going to make myself take a minute at the end of each day to reflect on the past 24
                   hours and see the lovely side of everyday. to live, not simply survive.
-work on my room. my room is one of my favorite spaces to be. toward the end of the year, i personalized and made it more of my own. because i have loved it so much, i want to continue to make my room as rad as it can be.

so, after much thought, my word for the year is share. last year's word was bold. (see last years resolutions here ). now that i have learned much about myself and grown in who i am (and continuing to do so), i need to share more of myself with people. more of my passions, my interests, my findings, my heart, and everything in between-- these are the things i need to be more open with people about. on a less serious note, i probably should start being more generous with my food and money as well. (however, do not dare take my lucky charms though, do not dare.)
i have said this, and i will say it again: no one can wake up on January 1st every year and be completely changed. no one can. i recently read a quote that states, "you should not need fireworks, the dropping of the ball in New York, a new year, to change the things you dislike about yourself." i adore how these words are so straight forward-- you do not need a certain date to start improving yourself! start today. so what if you waited until January 4th to write resolutions (coughmecough), and so what if you started them 2 months ago or in 2 months. so what? 
anyways, i do love a goal. i have many in my life, and i think it is perfectly okay to add plenty each year. happy 2014 and all that jazz, you people. let's all start changing ourselves today.


  1. Great resolutions. I want to have a better work ethic and get more organised. Have a great 2014xx

  2. Awesome resolutions, that look very much like mine! :)
    and Omw, love your calendar!!

    ~Hannah <3

  3. wonderful resolutions!
    happy day!



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