the color: cobalt blue

the color: cobalt blue

if you know me, then you know i am not one for flashy, bold colors. however, i have been seeing more and more primary colors, like cobalt blue, on the runway and in celebrity style lately, so i have decided to give it a try. cobalt blue is the best way to add unexpected color in your wardrobe. i think we forget about this color and tend to lean towards more baby blues or teal blues. cobalt blue is great alternative to neutrals in basic pieces, such as a clutch, earrings, watch or scarf. or if you want to be more trendy with it, try to wear it in a leather jacket, peplum top, loafers, or fun shorts.

this series is one that i am loving. i get to explore the latest fashion trends and see how i can incorporate them into different pieces, and then tell YOU!

xo. cate 

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