january to february

january is always the month everyone has high hopes. with the start of a new year, people (myself included) make goals, dreams, wishes, and desires for the upcoming year. as we all know, a week into january and we are already cheating on our diet, complaining about the same old situations, and falling back into the rut of the past year... and year before... and year before. so this year, i wanted to change that in my life. i decided to have my new years resolutions mentioned here, that are realistic and specific enough to achieve, but also bold and new to have something to strive for. in addition to that list, i have been begun writing "monthly to do lists", which include different objectives or things i wish to achieve for the month. i try to keep them distinguishing and attainable. this past month, i had about five ambitions to achieve and completed three of them. and that is perfectly fine with me. this technique gives me something to go for and complete when all i want to do is sit and watch gossip girl.

to describe my january in a few words i would say...

music-filled (went to a couple concerts with my favorite amigos)
thankful focus (because when we step back to look at our life, it is pretty amazing)
cold living (...as in soup, thrifting, reading, and wearing scarves every chance i get)

ah, february. i LOVE a new month. see what i did there... love wink wink. february is a fun month for many reasons... it starts getting all springy-dingy in my neck of the woods, and i like wearing pink... so this month gives me an excuse to do so. tonight i am going to kickoff my february to do list to see what this month will bring. pretty lovely things, i think. (:

xo. cate

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