learning to be simple

most of the time, i like layers and fun, creative outfits consisting of many different pieces. yet lately i have been more and more into simple styles with minimal accessories and quiet features. it truly is hard for me to "keep it simple" a lot of days because i constantly feel like my outfit needs moreeee. while sometimes that may be true, most times less is more.

note: this is not me. see end of post. *

this outfit is made up of mostly neutrals, and since i am a neutral girl at heart i love it. normally, in addition to these kind of two or three toned combos i would also wear a scarf, fun belt, or jazz it up with cool shoes. but i have to learn that what makes this look pretty and polished is it's simplistic aspect.

note: this is not me. see end of post. *
this outfit really sticks out to me because sometimes all i want to do is put on a knit dress, sneakers and throw my hair up, and i can. for some reason i feel like when i am wear less i look less put together... however i am learning that that is far from true. i can rock a one piece outfit (that is if it is a dress...), i can just wear some fun kicks and go, and i can eat a donut or five (ya know, to keep mornings simple).

again, i am learning to be simple and to not add unnecessary items to clothes (even if they are totes adorbs... uhhh did i just say that?!). 

xo. cate

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