in a paint-y mood

lately i have been in a paint-y mood, if there is such a thing. i recently found my mom's old art collection from when she was in college, and i could not be any more ecstatic! i have found myself wanting to paint all the time, so i will defiantly not fight that hunger. here is a bit about how my painting process goes!

pick a color pallet. i have yet to actually buy a plastic pallet, so i guess paper will have to do for now. for my painting, i decided to stick to pinks, oranges and greens.
the process. first find an inspiration then just let your right brain take over and enjoy painting. 
add your sig. and yes, i did just abbreviate signature. i am losing it, i swear. also, my 'sig' is a bit messy, still working on perfecting it.
all done! now admire your work. (:
xo. cate

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