new things are happening

if i am being honest here, lately i have ignored my blog. not that i have had a lack of posts up, but i simply did not know what to write. my rationale is i feel like why would you write something, if you do not feel inspired or have anything good to day. but, i DO have something to write about. a lot, actually. over the past month i have tried several new things. with spring, for me at least, is when new years resolutions get dull and you become in a rut of doing the same routine day after day. plus, i could not remember the last time i tried a new thing. i did try to tell my self that i tried that new chocolate cake last week, but i guess that doesn't really cut it.

~after the race~

the first goal on my list was to complete a 5k. i have this secret dream of finishing a marathon one day always in the back of my mind, so i thought i would give 3.2 miles a try. my mom and i trained with a neighborhood group where i live for 12 weeks, with a women's-only run at the end. and boy, was it hard. i am far from a runner, though i try to look like it in my cute tennis', yoga pants, and tanks. so after what felt like a hundred too many running sessions with my momma, we completed the race! finishing something feels so good. *sigh then hair flip*

~my machine (Singer Simple) and a sample of my fabric~

~please excuse my elementary-like mirror shot, but i thought it was worth it to show you guys my uper cute sewing bag. ~

my second goal was to learn how to sew. sewww (see what i did there), i signed up for a little 3-week long class with 5 other ladies that were at least 10 years older than me (i have just decided that i do more activities i with middle aged women, than my own age. i win the cool cat award, fo sho). supposedly by the end of the course, you will have made some pajama bottoms, but because i made a few (ahem, several) mistakes i am a bit behind. i am basically finished, i just have to put in the waste band and hem the ends. one would think that learning to sew would be fun, but oh no, you are far from right. after learning how to spin the bobbin, insert the bobbin, thread the machine, read a pattern, etc, you are worn out!! however, once i got the hang of it, it is a lot of fun. through the entire experience i met some really cool people, cried a little (you know you live a sad life when you cry over not being about to put thread through a needle), and almost made my very own pajama pants! yay for accomplishments!

~front cover on left, my poem on right~

although this was not necessary a goal goal (you know like when when you say you like someone versus 'like liking' someone), this next 'accomplishment', if you will, was to be published in my school's literary anthology (magazine). i submitted a poem at the beginning of the school year, and hoped it would make the cut, and it did! i got the book yesterday, and it is called 'Lost in Translation'. props to whoever thought of that artsy fartsy title. also, when i submitted it, i totally forgot to put
a title for my poem, so it is titled "Untitled", so now i am just playing it cool and saying that i meant for it to be deep and mysterious like that. duh.

all of these goals i had involved a starting date, a finishing date, and an ending product or event. it feels so fresh when you check something off your list. even though it is hard to learn, the finished product brings a smile to your face.

xo. cate


  1. Good for you for getting all of these goals/accomplishments done! I'm trying to get back into shape, and maybe once that happens I'll think about running a 5k. :) I sewed for many years, and you're making me think I should get back on it. :)

  2. Cool!! :) haha I tried sewing a quilt once. Let's just say you don't want to know what happened to it. =D


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