summer 2k13 wishlist

summer 2k13 wishlist

i am so stoked that summer is here (as in, no school, but where i live i would not doubt that it could be snowing in just a few days). my summer is full of beaching, friending, blogging, sewing, working (hopefully!), and driving. and yes, i am aware that half of those words are not real words, it's poetic linense if you must. so for all of these fun activities, i need just a few things... justtttt a few.

1. swim suit: love this pretty watercolor one.
2. sunglasses: i want to invest in a nice pair of sunnies finally. raybands, maybe? (thoughts?)
3. wedges: i need some casual wedges to spice up a few outfits. this toms pair does just that.
4. towel: how cute it this towel?! totes going in my beach bag.
5. nail polish: i am loving this peach color. not coral, not pink. peach.
6. sun hat: i have yet to find the perfect sun hat. hopefully, the time will come sooner rather than later.
7. lace crop top: i have seen a crop top like this worn with high waisted shorts, and it was really cute. i will probably not be wearing this to church (ha. let's see how that goes), but to the beach.
8. high- waisted shorts: everyone needs a good pair or denim shorts. i may even make some.
9. dainty necklace: because i will we going back and forth to many places in the summer, i need no-mess jewelry, while still keeping it chic.

what is on your summer 2k13 (that is what the cool kids are calling it nowadays) wish list? leave me a comment!  p.s. i realise i have made a lot of lists lately. but hey, what can i say? i LOVE lists. i could make a list about why i love lists, that is how much i love lists. (;

xo. cate  

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