spring without shorts

spring without shorts

if you are anything like me (i hope you are), sometimes in spring i would just rather wear pants than shorts. because, with shorts, comes shaving, farmer's tans', coldness, shoe crisis', etc.  the list goes on. so, i thought it would be oh so nice of me (you're welcome), to show you guys a spring outfit without shorts.

start off with your favorite spring time pants (white, patterned, or BOTH). then, add a bright tank, and if needed a light weight jacket. for shoes, wear what is comfortable. flats, sandals, wedges, or heels, anything goes. lastly for beauty and accessories, pop on your favorite sunnies, girly-est necklace, and add some coral nails and cheeks!

am i the only one who does not like to wear shorts all the time? well, if so, you will still always, always, always catch me in pants. sadly, the main reason for most days is because i have not shaved. judge me, now. (;

xo. cate

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