toss or save: shorts

contrary to this post, if you do want to wear shorts this spring and summer, but do not know which ones to keep or throw out, stay tuned! and yes, i am the perfect radio Disney commercial break girl.


1. classic// denim shorts// denim shorts will aways be in, friends. and the best thing about them is that you can find a pair that work for you practically anywhere!

2. trendy// lace shorts// yes, you can let out a loud "wahoo" right now. lace shorts (in my opinion) are still in. really anything lace is in, and i could not be happier! i just bought these from urban.

3. classic// neutral twill shorts// everyone needs a basic neutral short. whatever length, cut, and style- is up to you! my favorites are from here and here.

4. trendy// colored shorts// yet another trendy item that is still in! remember this post about 5 must have shorts, last year?! well colored shorts were on that list and are still on my list for 2013!


1. plaid shorts// wear what you want, but i think that as for now plaid shorts are over. i know i know, you are shedding a tear, but wipe your tears with your plaid shorts and try wearing some other patterns like these from American Eagle.

2. bermuda shorts// unless you 5 or 85, these need to go. i am not saying you need to be strutting your stuff in daisy dukes (please do not, i beg you), but the awkward knee length is over. try the 4 or 5 inchers from Jcrew instead!

3. terry cloth shorts// do i even have to explain?? no, i do not think so. buy some nike running shorts to play in, not a towel disguised as shorts.

i am sorry if i made you cry while you read this post because of your emotional attachment with your plaid, terry cloth bermuda shorts, BUT remember to look to the future for new trends and be able to drop the others. meanwhile, spend more on timeless shorts, and just a little on trendy in-and-out pieces.

xo. cate

my short collection from left to right: yellow shorts from target, diy dotted shorts (see tutorial here ), jean shorts from american eagle outfitters, mint shorts from h&m, diy studded shorts (see how i did style them here ... i defiantly would not wear them like that anymore), lace shorts from urban outfitters, navy corduroy shorts from w by azwells, orange shorts from loft, and blue and black nike shorts!

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