let's call them owls.

hey there. these photos are from forrrrreeeevvvveeerrrr ago. by how much i childishly exaggerated that word, you can tell how passionate i am about the date of these photos. clearly.

i wore this to my brother's graduation lunch in the spring.

 these shoes, you ask? they are wonderful. i got them super on sale at dsw, and had to snatch them up. why? because at first i thought that they had owls on them (my favorite animal*). little did i know, when i returned home, i figured out they are actually just some random bird. but, for the happiness of myself, let's call them owls, okay?
one would think photo shoots are so glamorous. far from true, friends, far from true. this is how 90% of my photos end up.
(p.s. *owls are my favorite printed animal [on clothes, in art prints, etc], but cats are by far my favorite animals. thought i would share because i know you  care so much)
xo. cate

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