fly in style.

my go-to travel outfit

i know what you are thinking, "cate is going to teach us to FLY and be fashionable at the same time?!", sadly no. i wish, i wish. anyways, because i have been traveling a ton lately, i have become a pro at traveling outfits. also, i will be flying (...in a plane)  alone in a few days to visit a friend, so this ensemble is perfect for a any form of transportation.

i would start with your favorite pair of shorts (mine would be some distressed jean ones) and add a crop top (short enough to not tuck in, but long enough to cover where your belt would be on your shorts). then, just in case your plane is cold add a light weight cardigan. and to accessorize i would add a small (and bright) bag to carry all your things (your oh so fly sunglasses), then add some comfy no-mess shoes.

xo. cate

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