here kitty kitty.

"oh, please, stop. stop with the pictures." (;

hi. i am cate. and i am the epitome of awkward.

GUYS. how cool is this kitty cat tattoo? i got it when i was in asheville, nc.

okay, it is a henna. you got me. 

first off, let us just address how freaking adorable my kitty cat tatt is?! i am obsessed, but sadly, this cat does not have 9 lives. only 15 days. :(

these were the second set of blog photos i took with Sophie. i really like the eclectic vibe of this outfit. am i the only one who connects vibes with different outfits? yay, okay i guess i am. 

top: vintage (asheville)
necklaces: IDK 
shorts: savers + diy
belt: jcrew
blazer: sophie's ??
shoes: dsw

xo. cate


  1. haha! Nice tatt! ;) Seriously though, I love cats. :D

    I love your outfit posts! :)

  2. You're not awkward, but adorable. I love the "tattoo" and blazer. ;)

  3. I like your tattoo... Sexy.

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