just dress up.


i adore the back of this dress. 

just hanging out in a forest. 

attempting to twirl. attempting

yes, this is me itching.

"HEY LOOK, it is a flower!" 

i just returned from a week long trip to my friend, sophie's house a few states over. if you were wondering, i had a great time. a rad time. a lovely time. a BLAST. (some extra verbs for those of you who do not approve of my normal choices). one day, we decided to take a few blog photos and dress up. sadly, you guys do not get the pleasure of seeing my face when every bug on the planet tried to attack me in her forest (backyard). they were great photos, seriously

dress: target
necklace: sophies. ???
belt: jcrew
shoes: dsw

xo. cate


  1. I'm glad you had a great time with your friend.
    Your dress is adorable!

  2. Lovely, darling. ;D And your twirl is totally a twirl:)


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