joy. (not happiness)

 a list of things that make me more than happy. they make me feel joy-- which is different from happiness. being happy is only temporary, while joy is a feeling that lasts a lifetime, and sometimes beyond.
i like joy.

// rain. there is just something about water pouring from the sky that excites me.
// quality conversations. not just the "hey" "hey" "what's up?" "nothing" conversations. the real ones,
        that inspire me to be a better person.
// daisies. though flowers are only temporary, the feeling last way longer than just a few petals.
// road trips. while i like flying (i just feel so cool), i love to have long car rides with people.
       the talks, the laughs, the food... so great.
// un-famous art. i love discovering new talent, and art is one of many things that inspires me most.
// culture & language. i am studying french currently, and love comparing my life to other people
      around the world's life. it is just so interesting to me. this is why i want to travel.
// crisp, fall air. who else is ready to wear scarves? this girl is.
// a serene environment. i adore being somewhere quiet enough to truly take in all of the
      beauty of life.
//colour. what would life be without it? (sorry to those who are color-blind)
// old things. i have such an appreciation for vintage pieces and old family photos. there is always a
      memory behind those things that forever21 can't give you.
// mountains. the past two weeks, i have been in the mountains. and i have decided that is where i
      want to live sometime in my life. i want to be surrounded by trees and pretty things.
// coffee shop music. music that is calm yet somewhat dance-worthy.
// Jesus' love toward me. seriously, his love flows abundantly and just by that statement, i am in awe.
just a list, because, well, i love lists. obviously. feel joy, friends, not just happiness.
xo. cate

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