reflecting on 2013.

everyone has said this, but it is quite odd that 2013 is over. if I would have been a good, on-top-of-it blogger, I would have had this post up prior to the start of the new year. but, look here you are reading this a few days late. eh, I am still figuring it out, friends. somehow the years seem to pass by so much faster the older I get. any who, here I go reflecting and reminiscing on the old so I can begin the new. to refresh your (and my) memory, these were my new year resolutions for 2013.

1. (fashion goal) spend more on clothing basics. I truly do feel as if I only bought basics this year for my wardrobe. with too many gray tops and neutral pants, maybe it is time for some more color into my closet?

2. (health goal) choose water over sodas aka one soda a week. for the most part I cut sodas out of my life this year- by choosing tea or water each day, getting to have my beloved diet coke at the end of the week was a treat. now I want to continue this into the next years of the life as well.

3. (blog goal) new design on blog. yay! I finally accomplished and announced this in November all thanks to the pretty cool design by Rose .

4. (other goal) call someone once a week. this, my friends, did not happen as much as I wanted to. I have called people more than I have in the past years, but not every week as my plan said. however, the main phone call I make is to my dearest friend, Sophie, who moved this past March. somehow this goal was a blessing in disguise.

5. (other goal) find something to look forward to every week. this goal is hard to say if I have accomplish it, since it is so broad. however, looking back, one thing I have looked forward to each week is getting to spend time with my wonderful youth group.

also, my word of the year was BOLD.
when choosing this word the describe my year, my thoughts went like this "I'm going to be more outgoing/crazy in my actions and words". however, what I have realized is that I am not that person and will ever be that person. I am not loud and crazy. I am not the girl who is the life of the party. it is perfectly fine if you are (and more power to you, girl), but it is simply not me.
 but, this does not mean I am not bold.
this year, I have been bold in my choices. I could have chosen to stay in a comfort zone, yet I decided to step outside that circle and try something new and scary. I have been bold in my speech. I have learned to speak truth to people despite my fear. I have been bold in my activities. the things I have chosen to take part in are not always the norm, and you know what, that is okay. because of this, I have tried new things (see here ). i have been bold in my heart. allowing to let certain people in, and to cull undesirable things out, has been difficult, yet worth it.
I have been bold, just not in the way I expected.
i would say that 2013 has been an adventure. with new paths and new people, it has taught me so much-- and that, i am truly so thankful for. however, i am ready for a fresh start (aren't we all?). so, here's to you, 2014. i am ready for ya.

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